Find Help

Find Help

Do you need legal representation or personal help with your unemployment?

You have a few options:

Contact the UC Service Center.

Unemployment representatives at the UC Service Center can help you with your claim.

You can talk directly with a UC representative about your UC claim using the UC Service Center Hotline.


Monday – Friday

8:00 am – 4:00 pm

We recommend calling Wednesday – Friday when the phone lines are not as busy.

You can call the UC Service Center with any UC claim related issue, but calling is especially helpful if you need to:

  • File an initial application
  • Answer Fact Finding forms
  • Request backdating.
  • Get a status update on your claim.

You can send emails to the UC Service Center to request help with your claim. 

Send your email to [email protected]

In your email, you need to include: 

  • Your first and last name (as it appears on your claim, including any suffix used).
  • The last four digits of your Social Security number
  • A brief summary of what you need help with.

You should get a response from the Service Center within 24 hours. 

You can email the UC Service Center with any UC claim related issue, but the email is especially helpful if you need to:

  • Submit documents. 
  • Request backdating.
  • Follow up on a previous issue with your claim. 

You can use the UC Live Chat to message with a UC representative about your UC claim. 

To use the Live Chat, visit

You will first be connected to a chat bot that may give you general information to try and help with your claim issue. 

  • If the information the chat bot gives you is not helpful, tell the chat bot “I want to speak with a representative.” Keep asking the chat bot to speak with a representative until you are connected with a live UC representative.

You can message the UC Live Chat with any UC claim related issue, but the UC Live Chat is especially helpful if you need to:

  • Get an update on your claim.
  • Update your contact information.
  • Get help with online account access issues
  • Correct your weekly certification
  • Request a PIN

UC staff are now available for in-person assistance at some PA CareerLink®️ offices. You must schedule an appointment ahead of time by calling a participating PA CareerLink®️ office or visiting the office in-person.

Find a participating PA CareerLink®️ office.

If you think that someone has fraudulently filed for UC using your information, you should report it to the PA Fraud Hotline.


Unemployment Compensation Navigator

For Philadelphia residents only! There is a UC Navigator located at CareerLink North who can provide in-person assistance with basic claim questions/troubleshooting. They also speak Spanish!

Contact your legal aid provider.

Legal aid providers might be able to give you advice and/or represent you at an unemployment hearing.

Contact your state elected official.

Your state representative or senator’s office can help answer unemployment questions. They can contact the Department of Labor and Industry about your claim.