What is a Keystone ID?

What is a Keystone ID?

A Keystone ID is a username and password that you will use to log into the new online UC system. It is replacing the old way of logging in with your Social Security Number and a PIN. 

If you file your claims through the automated telephone system, you will continue to use your SSN and PIN.

Telephone Filing: 888-255-4728


When the new UC system launches on June 8, you can set up a new account on the website. As part of that process, you will create a Keystone ID username and password.  We recommend also writing it down somewhere safe in case you forget it.

We do not recommend it. The best thing to do is wait and set it up when you first log into the new UC system.

You might already have a Keystone ID if you have an account through, for example:

  • Child Welfare Portal: Users of the Child Welfare Portal can apply for a Pennsylvania child abuse history clearance or submit child abuse referrals.
  • COMPASS: This is the an online application and system for Pennsylvanians to apply for many health and human service programs.
  • Child Support: Individuals apply for support services and view information about their support cases on the Child Support Website.

Accordion ContentWhen you go into the new UC system for the first time to set up an account, it will tell you if there is a Keystone ID already linked to your SSN or email address.  It will also allow you to retrieve the Keystone ID username by email, or reset the password.

You can call the statewide unemployment number, 888-313-7284, and a representative will walk you through a security protocol and then provide you with your Keystone ID.

The Department of Labor and Industry has added over 200 staff to the phone lines to assist claimants with issues like this.

No, you can always still file using the automated telephone system, which will be available again on June 10 (Toll-free 888-255-4728, Español 877-888-8104). All you need is your SSN and PIN. You will continue to receive all UC notices by mail.

What if I cannot login to the new online system?

If you are unable to remember or retrieve your Keystone ID, or have any other problem logging in online, you can file your claims by phone. You only need your SSN and PIN to file by phone.

Toll-free 888-255-4728

Español 877-888-8104