The New UC System: Frequently Asked Questions

The New UC System: Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

A more modern, web-based system with more self-service options that let you take action on your claim directly from the online portal. On your portal, you will be able to see the documents for your claim (for example: Notices of Determination).

Claimants on the regular UC side, including those on PEUC (the federal extension). PUA is not affected.

The government believes this will improve the claimant experience and solve some of the payment problems that claimants have had in the old system.

Philadelphia Legal Assistance shares your concerns about a big change in the middle of the pandemic, while so many people are depending on benefits. We are here for you. We will be tracking all parts of the new system and will provide constant updates about issues that you need to know about.

We will be posting updates about the system on our News and Alerts page after it goes live.

The new online system launched on June 8. Telephone filing returned on June 10.

What Has Changed?

The new system will require you to login using a username and password. If you do not already have a username and password that you use to login to the UC portal, you will set one up when you apply for benefits. If you have a username and password, but you get an error message when you try to log in, you will need to reset your password. Importantly, if you have any issues logging into the new site, you can still file through the automated telephone system using your SSN and PIN (Toll-free English 888-255-4728, Español 877-888-8104).

Find out more information about logging in to your UC portal. 

If you do not see your current active claim on the claim summary page, you can find it on the claim drop down menu at the top left side of the claim summary page.

For some claimants, the system is incorrectly defaulting to show an older unemployment claim or an ineligible claim.

For most claimants, the current active claim will be a “PEUC ARP” claim.

Unlike the old UC system, the new UC system may prompt you to file a new UC application.  It will do this if it sees that you have enough wages in the base year to qualify for a new claim.  If you are prompted to file a new application, you must do so.  This is different than how BYE was handled in the old UC system.

However, if you have not worked and earned 6x your current weekly benefit rate, you will not be eligible for a new claim even if the system assigns you a new rate.  In that situation, a UC agent will need to put your claim back on the PEUC extension.

Yes.  This is different than the old system, where PEUC was automatically added to your claim.  

The Department has stated that you will need to file for the extension that same way you file for a new claim.  However, there does not currently appear to be an option online to file for a PEUC claim.  We will update this answer with new information as we have it.

The new automated telephone filing system cannot currently accept earning information when a claimant reports they worked part-time during the week.  The Department is working to add that function.

In the meantime, a UC representative will need to call you to collect the earnings information.  Your claim should pay out within 2 weeks even if they do not call you.  If your earnings would have caused you to receive a lower benefit amount for that week, you will later be assessed a non-fraud overpayment.  

If you are able to file online, the online system allows you to report earnings.

Even though the law has always allowed the Department to deduct money from the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) payments, the old system was not able to do it.  Therefore, claimants previously received their full FPUC even if they had fault or non-fault overpayments.

The new system is able to correctly offset overpayments.  Therefore, claimants with non-fault or non-fraud overpayments will see the system take 1/3 of their FPUC.  Claimants who have fault or fraud overpayments will see the system take 1/2 of their FPUC.

After a certain period of time, the Department cannot automatically take your current benefits to repay an overpayment (this is called a “statute of collections”).  If the new system has information about an old overpayment like this, it will ask you to voluntarily pay it back using some of your weekly benefits.

You do not have to pay anything.  If you do not have the financial means at this time to pay down the old overpayment, you can select an amount of “0.”

Find out more about overpayments on this page.

Many claimants are seeing that their claim summary incorrectly shows certain weeks as filed on “6/4.”

The new system replaced all weekly filing dates for weeks that had been “pending” (meaning not yet paid) with 6/4.