The New UC System

The New UC System

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry is upgrading the technology it uses to run the unemployment compensation program

The new system will impact claimants on UC and PEUC

The Department of Labor and Industry has been working on the new system for several years. It replaced Pennsylvania’s outdated computer system and will provide a lot of helpful features for claimants. We understand, and share concerns, about this happening in the midst of the pandemic when many claimants still have claim issues the Department has not yet fixed. We hope this website will help make this transition smoother for all claimants.

The new system became available on June 8, 2021.

Yes. In the new system, you will no longer use your PIN and SSN to file online. Instead, you will use a username and password. 

If you have been using a Keystone ID username and password to log in to your UC portal, you can keep using that to log in. If you try using your Keystone ID username and password to log in, but get an error message when logging in, you need to reset your password. If you are using the UC portal for the first time, you will make your own username and password when you apply for benefits.

You will file online at

It is really important to set your “notification preference” in your contact information to “internal message with email notification.” This way, you will get an email every time a new message is sent to your portal. Otherwise, you may miss new messages or new determinations that have short appeal deadlines.

If you have any issues with filing online in the new system, you can always still file using the automated telephone system, which only requires your SSN and PIN

Toll free 888-255-4728 (English) or 877-888-8104 (Spanish).

Want to know what new features will be available on the system?

We’ve created a resource that tells you all about the changes on the new system, and you can also sign up for a workshop with the Department of Labor and Industry.

News and Alerts

Are you experiencing problems with the new system? We’ve created a resource with any and all updates we have about the new system.

Questions about the new UC system?

We have a page of frequently asked questions about the new system.