Verifying Your Identity for Regular UC Benefits

Verifying Your Identity for Regular UC Benefits

The new UC system has an identity verification requirement.

ID.Me is a company working with the PA government to verify that you are you, rather than someone else pretending to be you. At some point, you may be asked to complete the ID.Me verification process to complete or continue your claim. 

How do I verify my identity with ID.Me?

After clicking on the link to the ID.Me website in your message portal, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Login to ID.Me or create an account

    If you already have an existing ID.Me account, use your email and password to login.

If you do not already have an existing ID.Me account, you will need to create a new ID.Me account using your email address. To do this: 

  • Click "create a new account."
  • Put in your email and create a password that you will easily remember.
  • You should then receive an email with a 6 digit code. Put the code in the box provided.
  • You should then see a screen saying your email has been verified.
  • Step 2: Set-up multi-factor identification

    You will be asked to set-up multi-factor identification. This is just another way for the government to verify it's actually you completing the process. You can choose to receive a text or a call with a 6 digit code. Once you get the code, enter it and click "continue."

  • Step 3: Make a recovery key

    You can choose to generate a recovery key in case you lose access to your account, or you click "continue."

  • Step 4: Verify your idenity

    To verify your identity, you must have a physical copy of an unexpired state issued ID, passport, or driver's license, and then click "Start Now." You'll then follow these steps:

  • Upload a scan or photo of your ID document.
    You can use your phone or tablet to take the photo. Make sure all four corners of the document are in the photo and that it is not blurry. If you upload a photo from your phone, you will be asked to verify your phone number again. You’ll get a text message with a link. Click the link to verify your number.
  • Next you will be asked to take and upload a selfie.
    A selfie is a picture of your face. You can take one using a smartphone. You want to be able to see your entire face in the selfie. They will not accept the selfie if any part of your face is cut off.
  • Finally, enter any remaining personal information and give ID.Me permission to share this information with the PA Department of Labor and Industry.

What if I can't verify my identity with ID.Me?

Some claimants cannot verify their identity with ID.Me because they don’t have access to a computer, smartphone, or the internet.  Some claimants may also not have the updated documents necessary to verify through ID.Me.

If you are not able to use ID.Me to verify your identity, you can go to your local PA CareerLink® for help.

Call PA CareerLink®️ for an appointment or go online and make an appointment with your local CareerLink®️ office. When you go to your appointment, you will need to bring the following documents: 

  • Social Security card
  • Driver’s License, State ID, Military ID, Passport or Passport Cards, or Permanent Resident Card

If the names on these documents do not match, you must provide a copy of a marriage certificate or any applicable court documents to explain why the names on the ID and Social Security card do not match.  If you do not have these documents, click here for a list of additional identity documents that you can bring to the CareerLink®️ office.

During your appointment, the PA CareerLink®️ staff member will go through a form with you about your identity information that they will submit to the UC Service Center. They will also have you sign a form titled “UC Claimant Identity Verification Request for Documentation” and submit that form, along with copies of your ID documents to the UC Service Center.   

All of these forms will be reviewed and approved or denied by UC Service Center staff. Only UC Service Center staff can approve or deny your identity verification. The PA CareerLink®️ staff can only assist with submitting identity verification documents if you cannot verify through ID.Me.

Please note that PA CareerLink®️ staff are not able to answer specific questions about your UC claim.

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