5 Tips About Unemployment Compensation

5 Tips About Unemployment Compensation

Ways to apply for and reach UC

You can apply over the phone at 1-888-313-7284 or online at www.uc.pa.gov.

What will UC need to know?

1. Personal information and information about your last employer
2. Reason you are no longer working, or not working full time:

  • Fired – when your employer ended the employment relationship (you may have been told you were discharged or terminated).
  • Quit/Leave of Absence – when you ended the employment relationship.
  • Lack of work – you are no longer receiving work assignments, your hours were cut, or there are no clients/customers available for you.
  • Laid off – your employer shuts down, you were a seasonal worker or a contract ended, or your employer temporarily/permanently lays you off (but not in response to something you did).

3. Whether you are able and available for work. You must be physically able to do some type of work in order to collect benefits, even if that is light duty or part time work. Just because you were not physically able to do your last job does not mean you are not able and available.

Do I have something to prove?

If you have been fired then your employer will have to prove that they had good cause to fire you. If you quit then you will have to prove that you had good cause to leave your job.

What do I need to do once I have filed?

You will need to file bi-weekly claims either over the phone or online. You must accurately report any hours worked and any income you earned during that week.

  • You need to report your gross wages (before tax) earned, even if you have not been paid.
  • The Service Center will not “fix” your wages if your employer reports something different, instead you will get assessed an overpayment. It is important to be as accurate as possible.

You will also need to register for PACareerLink. This is an online service that helps people find jobs. You must register within 30 days of filing for unemployment compensation. CareerLink can assist you in understanding the PACareerLink website.

What happens after I have filed and registered for PACareerLink?

It is extremely important to actively check your mail. and your online portal. Unemployment will communicate with you by sending letters including a Notice of Financial Determination and Notices of Determination regarding your eligibility. Be sure to update your mailing address if it changes. If you are denied benefits, you must appeal within the 21 day appeal period.